Candy King Air Mint Disposable Vape

If you love vaping candy flavors, you’ll want to try this disposable vape from CANDY KING! This premium device boasts a huge 6000 puff capability and offers up some amazing fruity flavors.

This disposable e-cig is designed for on the go use, offering you a hassle-free vaping experience. It’s a compact device with an integrated battery and a large e-liquid capacity.

Sour Straws

Sour Straws from Candy King Air Mint is an exquisite offering delivering a perfect combination of sweet and sour. It perfectly captures the taste of blue raspberry licorice straws that are blended to perfection, making you want more and more.

The tangy and sour notes of the blue raspberry are a blast on the inhale and as you exhale, you will be sucked into a pool of fruity fog. This vape juice is a must try!

Pink Squares

The Pink Squares e-liquid from Candy King Air Mint is a breath of fresh air when it comes to fruity vape juice. The vape liquid is a blend of sweet and sour strawberry candy flavor. The juice is perfect for those who want a refreshing, clean tasting vape that will keep them coming back for more.

Hard Apple

Hard Apple from Candy King Air Mint is a sweet and sour green apple candy vape that is sure to please. This fruity e-liquid combines the flavor of crisp green apples with a smooth, refreshing puff of hard candy on the inhale and an invigoratingly chilly menthol exhale that will keep you coming back for more!