3D Crystal Cut Dome Awards

3D Crystal Cut Dome

Using laser technology we can etch images onto the surface of crystal awards and plaques. The subsurface etching produces a stunning result that is clearly visible from all sides of the award. The possibilities are endless!

For a long time the tables of strut lengths, or chord factors, that define geodesic dome geometry were guarded like military secrets. But now they are widely available.

Product Options

Personalized 3D Crystal Cut Dome is available in different sizes. Click each picture to see enlarged photos and detailed descriptions, as well as appropriate light bases (if available).

Engraved crystal gifts are one of the best ways to show someone how much you care. Give them a dome shaped photo crystal to remind them of their favorite place, person or thing. Our laser engraving technology will capture the moment and bring it to life inside a crystal dome block.

The engraved dome block can be placed on a desk, shelf or coffee table. It is also a great gift idea for Christmas Day, birthdays or any other special occasion. We are proud to use premium quality materials in our work and offer top-of-the-line domed decals. Sticky Business means professionalism and commitment to quality! Our customers rely on us to deliver the highest quality products, made in the USA.

Customization Options

Using our unique subsurface laser engraving technology, we can place any picture, artwork, or logo inside your crystal award. This allows you to customize your gift or trophy in a way that is truly one of a kind. We can add anything to your crystal block including full images of people, animals, machinery, newspaper clippings, or any other logo or image.

The 3D Options dialog box appears when you choose a 3D effect, such as Extrude and Bevel (Classic). It contains the following settings:

Controls the lighting of the object’s surfaces. A higher value produces a more glossy surface, while a lower value creates a matte-looking surface.


Using our laser engraving technology, we are able to take any picture and bring it to life inside of a dome shaped crystal block. This is known as 3D subsurface engraving and it allows for incredible detail to be engraved into the optical crystal. This creates a one-of-a-kind gift idea or award that will truly amaze the recipient when they see it. This process also works great for logos that you would like to use on crystal gifts or awards as well.